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    SIPA office to moving to....
   September 2, 2010, 7:12 pm Posted by Admin ,Category : ALL

SIPA office to moving to....

Dear Friends,

Greetings from SIPA.
We had been  located  in  this  rented premises (  at  No:  9,H.D.Raja Street,  Eldams Road ) for the last 20 years and for of several factors, as we cannot continue, we are moving our office to a New location at Ashok Nagar…
No: 12 (Old No: 27), 92nd Street
18th Avenue, Ashok Nagar
Chennai – 600 083.
We will be fully operational in this (Independent House) new place from 1st Sept 2010.
As such between now and 3rd Sept as we will be the process of relocating, our computer systems and other facilities (Phone, fax etc) may not operational. While we suggest you to note down the new address for all your future communications, request you to bear with us for any inconvenience during this transition period.
As such as we get connected to Internet and have new Telephone Nos, we will communicate to you. In the meantime, in case of necessities, you are welcome  to contact us at 0091 93810 55589 ( Panchu ) / 0091 93810 55593 (Ram)/ 0091 093810 55622 ( ARS) and in our Temporary Landline 044 32910693 and copy to your  mails  addressed  to  to  and during this period.
We  take  this  opportunity  to  thank you  for  all  your  support  and  look  forward your continued support and partnership in our efforts in proceeding support to sustainable livelihood efforts of the Marginalized.
With warm greetings.
PL.Ramasamy  (General Manager)
K.Panchaksharam (Secretary / CEO)
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    The TARAgram YATRA
   August 18, 2010, 6:04 pm Posted by Admin ,Category : ALL

The TARAgram YATRA is an annual event that promises to be a milestone in a series of global multi-stakeholder consultation processes, leading up to Rio+20.


Organized by 

The Development Alternatives Group in partnership with Green Economy Coalition (GEC), the Ring Alliance of Policy Research Organisations, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

YATRA – a Journey

To bring together top-level practitioners and policy makers from India and overseas to share current thinking on removing poverty, regenerating the environment and ensuring a decent life for our children. With a mix of dialogue and field visits, the five-day meeting will explore key elements of strategies that can deliver economic results without undermining social or environmental goals.


The TARAgram YATRA 2010 will take place from 17-21 September 2010. The inaugural and valedictory sessions will be in New Delhi. Detailed dialogues and field interactions at TARAgram - DA’s Resource Centre in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh from 18-20 September.

The itinerary is

· Inaugural session in New Delhi - half day

· Working sessions at TARAgram and field visits - three days

· Plenary and Valedictory sessions in New Delhi - one day

The sessions at TARAgram will concentrate on “discussion and design” of path breaking approaches; those at New Delhi will focus more on wider “consultation and communication” with a national and global audience.


For more details, please click here.



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