Our Heat Treatment Process

Our Heat Treatment

It is necessary to choose the steel that suitable for the Knife Function, Blade Geometry and it is also necessary to chosse the right process of Heat Treatment that suitable for the specific steel.

Ar KRMP, we did not do things like new invention but we follow the data given by the steel supplier.

However it is necessary that fine tuning is needed to make knife at the best quality and this procedure is not all the time favorable to do by general Heat Treatment Shop.

Since fine tuning is needed to make high performance knives, it is neccessary that good Knife Making should have in-house Heat Treatment process.

Starting from Electronics Control Heat Treatment Oven and Balt Bath is neccessary for cirtain Steel like Bohler K 110




Deep Cryogenic



The above Deep Cryogenic will help to reduce Retaining Autenite and give the steel on tougness quality.

After Deep Cryo, it is necceassary to go for Tempering Process to further increase the knife steel to higher toughness at impact. 

In this critical process a high precision Tempering Oven is neccessary.


Constant Temperature Forced Convection Ovens








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