28 December 2011

It is neccessary that Knife Maker should have Field Experience so that will be better to implement in his knife design.

There is one best way to gain the experience diectly is to ask the Natural User of knife to demonstrate.

Last year we went to the Jungle in the Northern Part of Thailand which is Mae Hong Sorn.

The Jungle is perhaps the highest place in the country.

In the trip , we have a group of Hill Tribe freinds known through our close conection from the area.

In the trip they show us a lot of tricks to use Knife surving in the rain forest.

Bamboo is trees we can find every where in the are.

They use bamboo to cook rice and to be water container putting to boil in the fire and the bamboo never get burn as long as ther is water in there.

I made sketch drawing of toilet bowl that people in the city is use to and uncle Iron hand immediatelt implimented it.



The Knife people in Mae Hong Sorn use was call Meed Larb, it is a real practical and functional knife we ever see and when we came back we design an Intrigal Knife called KRMP Meed Larb


Aside from Meed Larb, Meed Prah is also poppular in the area.



With L6 Steel we make a lighter knife tghat mor suitable for City Boys to use.

The hardness of 55 HRC we could bend the knife without breaking it.







Making Toilet Seat in the Jungle
Another Huge Life has gone unnaturally
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