28 December 2011


This Story is writen in Thai by our freind, A Wild Life Veterinarian who specialized in Elephant.

His name is Mr. Ronnachit Roongsri

The following is my transaltion which is less far beautiful express from the original.

Last July, I have an un avoided incident and that was the chance where I could experiment on KRMP Knife.

Life Cycle ....Born ...Old .....sick and die are facts of life that none can avoid.

However this incident may not be so natural and not a part of facts of life.

Itr was morning at 7.00 o'clock, I recieved call.

The person from the line reported to me that elephant die in the jungle.

He got killed by other elephant.

8 O'clock, I reach the area by my Degree XL250 together with the elephant care taker.


From my interview ,the killer elephant was in the period to be in rut.

He broken the 1 inch chain and fled.


The insident was there was another mail elephant in the same area and that just like a fire to the killer elephant mood.

It took me 20-30 minutes walk across the hill and stream before I could see the death lying like small hiil in front of me.

The 3.5 tons mail elephant die there in the strem and huis back rested on the land area.


I fopund that left side of the front legs was injured asnd perhaps that is where he started to lose advantageous.

There were few wounds on the side of the body but the was one seriuos would that seem the iner organ broke from inside.

Perhaps he was attecked while he was cornered by the oppositioner.

I have checked the surounding area, I found that the trees surounded were broken .

The small stream there show of one was driving another and gave no chance to turn to face the enemy.

Elepant fight ....lass and trees fall.......


The elephant care taker of the death said....I brought the elephant to rest in the jungle where he could find natural food but this morning I was coming for him the get him back to work but something wrong .

The chain was broken and surounding look unusual.

I follow the foot print and at one spot, my body became cold face became pail ..... I ran to the place but I was sure that it was too late !

The care taker of the killer elephant the start to narateing what he saw.

He found that his elephant was disappear.

He follow the foot print.

The foot print show that the killer elephant walk to the death but he was at the lower hill side the he walked across the the higher location and attacked from the higher hill.

It was real crever in the battle stratedy !

I took the chance to interviewing all people in the society ther and to my surpise, I herad of the story that 10 years ago the death killed the old care taker of the killer elephant !

or this is a revange ?

This time the killer is fully grown up and assured with his full Testosterone that night.


Before one will touch the elephant death body, there is a supperstitious practice to drive away the evil by a guru.


Using Gun Powder to spread on the death and light it with insance.


Sacred Leaf to wipe from the front to the back side.

Evil will be driven awy and will not go to stay in other people around.


There no other heavy equipment but elephant thelselves are.


Ivory is precious and valuable.

This will be the first thing to take out.

Taking out Ivory is done by axe and took about one hour.


I need to operate on the body and see the internal organ before reporting event though the evaluation may not be needed but somehow things need to be done for case study all the time.


We cannot affort to waste the internal organ of the death as there are several things are valuable for sciencetific study.

I took the occation to invite few professors from Chiangmai University to participate.


Small and old KRMP Knife cut through the skin very easy !

It is not a joke but so surprised.


The knife was scary sharp and I took extra careful to assure that the knife will not cut throught the internal organ orselse the liquid inside would explode.



I open the stomach to allow the organs to leage out from the body.

Testis is connected close to the back bone and each of them weight more than 2 kgs. 

Ihave to bend so close to try to cut the testis , the liquid was lubricating knife handle and toughness of the blood line was not easy to cut. However finally I manage by the use of the knife tip to put cutting it out not difficultly.

I found that KRMP wass very tough knife having great edge holding but somehow, cutting through the lubricated and sticky organ was a little bit difficult but manageable.

I do not know when is the next chance to use knife like this but for sure that I must be repeating what I have bee doing things with huge life for over 10 years.












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